Feel less anxious.
Find more joy.

Sharecare’s Unwinding Anxiety® is a step-by-step app program clinically proven to reduce anxiety by 67%.

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Unwind your anxiety.

All it takes is 10 minutes a day.

Download Unwinding Anxiety® to…

  1. Understand what triggers anxiety and other stressful thoughts.
  2. Identify the habits that keep your mind racing.
  3. Practice small daily moments many times to break the cycle of worry and panic.
  4. Use practical anti-anxiety tools when stress arises.
  5. Sleep better, feel more confident, and increase your capacity to find joy in every moment.

Unwinding Anxiety® explained in one minute:

Proven anxiety reduction, backed by science.

Recent research has uncovered incredible insights on how the brain functions, and what creates patterns of stress. It’s also revealed the science that makes the traditional practice of mindfulness so effective, and how to apply it to today’s anxiety epidemic.

In a 2020 clinical study of physicians, the Unwinding Anxiety® program showed a 48% reduction in anxiety after just 28 modules. And in a 2021 randomized trial of individuals with generalized anxiety disorder, these individuals experienced a 67% reduction in anxiety after 2 months of using the app.

Powerful and practical resources and tools designed to reduce anxiety.

Video Lessons

Learn why your brain becomes anxious through short, daily videos.

Expert Moderated Community Support

Receive support from experts & other anxiety suffers in a safe place.


Break the cycle of worry with app-based check-ins throughout the day.

Weekly Expert Calls

Address your specific challenges on detailed weekly calls with experts.


Stop panic attacks & calm your mind with specific mindfulness techniques.


Identify your anxiety triggers & track your progress by journaling.

Start feeling less stressed, and more like you.

Try the first 4 modules free to make sure our program is right for you, then subscribe to a plan for full access to all modules, tools, theme weeks, journals, the community, and more.


Less than $7/week

Includes all modules, lessons, group coaching calls & community

29.99 USD



Less than $5.50/week

Includes all modules, lessons, group coaching calls & community

139.99 USD



Just $4/week

Includes all modules, lessons, group coaching calls & community

209.99 USD


You’re not your anxiety.

Don’t let stress, worry, and overwhelm keep you from the life you deserve.