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Unwinding Anxiety® is an app-based program clinically proven to reduce anxiety through guided lessons, mindfulness exercises, and community support.

We’ll help you change your relationship to anxiety step-by-step so you can live the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Hear from Unwinding Anxiety members:

iOS User
iOS UserJust try it
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I wish everyone I knew struggling with anxiety gave this app and the book a try. I can’t say enough good things about it. The science works, mindfulness works. The team behind the app and the online community are caring, they made me feel like they are truly interested in helping me through the journey.
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The Unwinding Anxiety app is a true game-changer! This guided program offers scientifically proven techniques to reduce anxiety and enhance your overall well-being. I've been amazed by the insights it provides about the root causes of anxiety and how to break free from stress-triggering patterns. The mindfulness practices are not only effective but also easy to integrate into daily life. Better sleep, increased confidence, and more joy are just a few of the benefits I've experienced.
D'Artagnan11235Best anxiety app
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Provides great systems to grapple with anxiety and ultimately provides a path to overcome it on a daily basis. You become more aware and start to change how you view anxiety. This in turn allows you to replace old habit loops that serve you in the short term with new habit loops that are healthier and support you in the direction you want to go. Thank goodness for this program!
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This is an amazing app for learning tools for how to manage anxiety. It feels like I'm in therapy without going to therapy, and the support from the community is so extremely helpful and encouraging. The program empowers you to take the steps necessary to first explore your anxiety and maladaptive habits loops, and then it teaches you how to effectively deal with anxious thoughts and triggers while creating lasting changes in your mental health. Highly recommend.
Random tomandterry
Random tomandterrySurprising results
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I picked up the app as an experiment to see if it would work based on hearing of its success. Using it has begun to free me from the burden of my anxieties so I can focus on real, long term solutions and enjoy my life along the way. A must have, even if your not tormented by anxiety.
Kevin B.
Kevin B.
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Unwinding Anxiety has been life changing. I work in higher education as an instructional designer. This is an extraordinarily well designed program. Each module scaffolds well to build both knowledge and confidence, and increase my ability to make progress. The program is supported by additional tools, an active community, and direct access to Dr Brewer in a weekly zoom meeting. I have committed to using the app for a year. The progress I have made in only three months is profound.
DanaRDGMoving from head knowledge to experience
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For some time I have known about anxiety, triggers, habits, and mindfulness. This app has significantly helped me to practice and become more aware of my experience of anxiety and opening up with mindfulness. I often procrastinate because anticipating many tasks increases anxiety. I’ve noticed procrastinating feels like contraction inside, dread. In contrast accomplishments feel like expansion inside, peaceful. Pausing to observe how I feel inside helps me to choose initiating tasks.
Teri T.
Teri T.
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Unwinding Anxiety is rapidly becoming my #1 go to on my phone whenever I'm presented with a stressful situation. I always used to go to a game which would sometimes make me feel even more stressed but the exercises available on this app have calmed me down and some make me feel much better! It's also nice to be part of the community so you don't feel so isolated in your issues with stress.
YorkCountyA scientific and practical approach
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This approach is helping me and made a huge difference in my life. It is not an overnight cure; however, a journey to better.

A new way to manage anxiety.

Join the Unwinding Anxiety® app program to…

  1. Identify habits that continue the loop of anxiety.
  2. Learn how to ride the waves of anxiety by deepening your mind-body awareness and being present in the moment.
  3. Start with short moments of mindfulness and ease, then practice these short moments many times so they become helpful habits.
  4. Use practical in-app tools to manage anxiety in real time.
  5. Connect with a community of like-minded people.
  6. Sleep better, feel more confident, and increase your capacity to find joy in every moment.

Proven anxiety reduction, backed by science.

Dr. Judson Brewer, creator of the Unwinding Anxiety app and author of Unwinding Anxiety, and his team continuously study Unwinding Anxiety in a clinical setting to ensure the efficacy of our program. 

In a 2020 clinical study of physicians, Unwinding Anxiety showed a 48% reduction in anxiety after just 28 modules. And in a 2021 randomized trial of individuals with generalized anxiety disorder, these individuals experienced a 67% reduction in anxiety after 2 months of using the app. 

You can learn more about the research and get the fact sheets using the button below!

Unwinding Anxiety explained in one minute:

Powerful, practical resources and tools designed to reduce anxiety.

Guided Program

Learn why our brains become anxious and how to unwind them through short, daily video lessons.

Expert Moderated Community Support

Receive support from experts & others living with anxiety in a safe place.


Break the cycle of worry with app-based check-ins throughout the day.

Weekly Live Sessions

Connect live with Dr. Jud Brewer, our team of experts, and our active community members each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Mindfulness Exercises

Learn how to stop panic attacks & calm your mind with mindfulness exercises proven to reduce anxiety.


Track your progress working with anxiety through optional journaling.

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