Unwinding Anxiety® App Features & Benefits

In clinical studies, Unwinding Anxiety® was proven to reduce anxiety by 67% and reduce worry-related sleep disturbances by 27%.
All you need is 10 minutes a day to start feeling less anxious.
Check out all features and benefits included the Unwinding Anxiety® app-based program.

Guided Video & Audio Lessons

In the program, you’ll journey through 30 modules of guided video and audio lessons created by psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Jud Brewer.
The program is designed to be completed consecutively – meaning after you complete a module, the next module will unlock the following day. You’ll be able to go back to completed lessons if you ever want to revisit past modules again.

Tools to Handle Stress & Worry

Along with the guided lessons, we provide in-app tools to help you stop anxiety in its tracks.
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Stress Test & Stress Meter

Worry Tool

Mindfulness Exercises

The mindfulness exercises will unlock as you go through the program, then you’ll be able to practice them whenever you need them in the “Tools” section of the app.

If you like, try this RAIN mindfulness exercise with us:

Allow & Accept
Investigate what’s going on in your body
Note what is happening (tension, sweating, etc)

Online Journal & Active Community

It’s important to know you’re not alone with anxiety – in fact, it’s human to feel stress and worry.
When you join Unwinding Anxiety, you’ll become part of an active, judgment-free community of people who know what you’re going through. You’ll also be able to track your progress through online journaling. The journals are public (and optional!), so you’ll have an entire community supporting and helping you.
Each Wednesday at 12 PM EST, Dr. Jud Brewer and our team of experts answer questions, provide guidance, and offer support as you go through the program.
Hear from Dr. Jud himself on why he created Unwinding Anxiety.

Customizable Goals & Reminders

Everyone’s health journey is different, that’s why we encourage you to set goals and reminders so you can reach your health goals, on your terms.
Hear from Rob Suhoza, Eat Right Now coach and blog writer, on how he used Unwinding Anxiety to reduce anxiety.

Start a Free Trial with Unwinding Anxiety®

Try out the first 4 modules to make sure the program is right for you, then subscribe to a 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan when you’re ready.